Dusenberry Design performs turnkey professional services from land planning to construction management. We believe strongly that the end product is the result of many smaller decisions and it’s this comprehensive approach to design, problem solving, and project management that ensures exceptional results for our clients.



renovate & restore

Dusenberry Design starts the process of planning a renovation or restoration by listening to the client. We then collaborate to establish clear and achievable goals that are translated into a Course Improvement Plan. This plan is then executed in phases or as part of a large single project.

All of the decisions made during this process are focused on improving the golf experience. This ranges from improvements in playing conditions and aesthetics to variety and strategy. Dusenberry Design works with our clients to establish a unique design concept for each project with a strong sense of place. Our approach puts emphasis on a creating a golf experience that is enjoyable, memorable, and filled with character, variety, and interest.

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golf & development

Dusenberry Design has experience in planning, design development, and construction of over 50 new golf course real estate developments on six continents. Whether the project is an amenity to a master planned community, resort, or a core “golf only” project, Dusenberry Design is well equipped to provide professional services from project feasibility through construction.

Our approach to planning and design is one of balance. Balance between high quality user experience in land development and high quality open space amenities such as golf. It’s this balanced approach that ensures our clients short term profitability in sales and construction and long term sustainability in year-to-year operations and management. Our approach separates the ordinary from the exceptional developments for our clients.


design & build

Dusenberry Design dedicates extensive time from design partners on-site during construction. Our team manages the construction of the project and executes the shaping of the features. Our 60-plus years of combined experience has indicated the only way to get creative and sophisticated design ideas from from paper to the field is hands-on involvement during each stage of construction.

This approach supports our mantra: “Great golf courses are built in the field”.


comprehensive design of golf experience

To ensure the best golf experience, Dusenberry Design provides design services that are comprehensive and beyond the standard golf course design deliverables.

  • Execute land planning and its interaction with the routing of the golf course and other real-estate amenities.

  • Concept design of arrival experience to project and specifically to the golf course.

  • Detail design of all golf interaction with property development components.

  • Manage concept and detail design of golf vertical and all related development components (i.e.- golf cottages, maintenance, parking, service, roads, etc.)

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post-construction services

Naming & Branding: Dusenberry Design develops naming and branding options for the golf course and development. This is a key element to delivering a bespoke and customized experience with a strong sense of place.

Design of Site Furniture and Golf Accessories: In an effort to provide continuity in concept and experience we specify and design all site furniture and golf accessories. The focus is on understated details that are grounded in a regional aesthetic and creating a sense of place.

Design Brief for Maintenance: Dusenberry Design provides a design brief that outlines the maintenance practices and standards. It is vital that the turfgrass playing surfaces are in keeping with the intended design of the golf course and it’s features.